Additional Full Session- Julie Eschbacher

$240.00 / month for 5 months

5 monthly payments of $240 for additional full session in Mattituck, NY

Add on a second full session for 2022! Whether it’s to celebrate something special, or maybe family is in town. Includes hi-res gallery to download from. Must be used in 2022. Additional $60 will be charged monthly along with your membership fee.

Something new this year from Kinship. We are offering 3-4 hour long documentary sessions! These are fully candid and unscripted/planned. Amy will be a fly on the wall to capture your everyday and all the messes and beauty of it. Maybe it’s an outing with the family, or an afternoon in the pool. It’s up to you! Make sure to see the Yearbook Club Info to learn more. Documentary Sessions cost an extra $75 per month and would be added to your monthly membership fee.

You can add on a 10×10 Photobook to your membership (in addition to any that may come with your club membership). The book is a hardcover 20 page book that you will get a credit for in your online gallery shop. The book will add $35 to your monthly membership fee.

Add on Two 2-hour virtual photography lessons with Amy. She will take you step by step on the photography basics, and show you everything you need to know about your specific camera.
Learn how to take amazing photos of your kids with that camera that’s gathering dust. Dive into getting natural expressions, technique, composition, and editing too!
This workshop will add $30 to your monthly membership fee. Sessions usually take place within 1-2 months of each other.



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