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+ fully edited and curated online gallery of images that never expires

+ hi-res downloads of your entire gallery (min 125 images)

+ customized print shop to get these photos on your walls and off the hard drives

Here's the thing. I know you don't have a lot of time to figure out different packages, so let's keep it simple, and get your family memories into your hands.

Photo sessions with me are nothing short of fun. Whether it be newborn, maternity, or a family session, I won't cut it short once we hit a certain time. Sessions typically run 1-1.5 hours, but to be honest, I don't keep tabs on time. I am there to capture your family, and it that means we take lots of breaks to soothe little ones who might be stressing, or even snack breaks for older kids who get a little hangry, I am there for it, and am never in a rush for the session to end.

Brooklyn/NYC/NJ sessions


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Westchester Sessions

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Booking Process

Introduction phone call

It won't take long, but it's worth it. A quick phone call helps me get to know you and what you are looking for in your family photos. This is also your exclusive chance to ask any questions you have or address any concerns. The introduction phone call is the first step in the booking process, and is a must for new clients. Inquire to get a link to set up a call.


Pick a Date & book

If you are booking a maternity or family session, this is for you! At this point, you pick your date from our open calendar, pay your deposit of $500 and sign your contract. If you are booking a shoot for a date that is not yet open in our books, you will be put in our pre-booking group to make sure you get notified to book once the calendar opens up.

For newborn sessions, you will pay your $500 deposit and sign the contract now. The date for your session will be picked after your little babe is born.


Preparing for your session

The fun stuff. Dive into all my specialized preparation guides and videos. Pick out your outfits, pick a location, and get ready to have a blast! We will send you a final invoice for your balance remainder (depends on your session location) and confirm all the session details before the big day. Any questions? Ask them now!


schedule your


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What if the weather is bad?

Where should we have our session?

I keep a close eye on the weather in the days leading up to your session. If your session is in your home, we can usually make any weather work unless your home gets too dark, or if it is unsafe for me to travel. Otherwise we will reschedule as necessary, I keep my schedule flexible, so we can always find another day that works for everyone.

My personal favorite is to have your session where your kids are most comfortable, at home! But if not there, then I have a wonderful library of locations all over Brooklyn and Manhattan you can choose from. You will find this in your preparation guides after your session is booked. I would suggest choosing somewhere that your family loves to go, or somewhere that has meaning to you



what do we do if someone is sick?

What time of day do you suggest we schedule our Session?

It happens! I have a toddler, so I understand things that can come at you without warning. If someone isn't feeling up to it, let me know! We can always find another day that will work for everyone! Would rather reschedule than anyone not feel their best.

We want everyone at their best, so I suggest mornings! If your session is outdoors, then the earlier the better. Better light and less people out and about. This is usually the 3 hours following sunrise. At home, I suggest late morning around 10 am works great. Afternoons can work too, but usually kids are in better moods in the mornings.

Kind Words

brooklyn, Ny

brooklyn, nY

Brooklyn, NY

We cannot say enough great things about Amy! As first time parents, we were a little nervous about how our newborn session was going to go. 2-month olds can be wildly unpredictable--moods range from happiest baby ever to inconsolable crying to dead asleep. Amy was a pro at making us feel at ease and being patient as Miles worked through all of the above (including a diaper explosion!). She is warm and creates a casual, laidback environment to shoot. The photos themselves are incredible; we'll cherish them forever!

Working with Amy is truly a gift. Not only is she incredible with kids, she makes every session feel like a cozy morning at home. She captures organic moments so beautifully, focusing in on the emotions and the personalities rather than the shots where “everyone looks beautiful.” Like many parents, I have thousands of shots of my kids, but it’s Amy’s photos that really make me feel like I’m back in those special yet fleeting moments in time.

Amy is everything you want in a family photographer. She's quick to respond via email with seamless digital booking. She offers great feedback on outfit planning and things to prep ahead of time in order to get the best out of your sessions. On site, she brings the energy to get you - and your little one(s) - excited and smiling, while still making you feel relaxed and comfortable being photographed. She art directs and ensures you look your best, while capturing authentic moments and true memories.

- Julie

- Aneessa

- Jordan