It's not hard to convince new parents that they need photos of their baby. My focus, yes, is on the little toes, the little fingers, but even more so, your interaction with them. How you stroke the bottom of their little foot while you rock them, or the smell of their head while you have them up over your shoulder. Let's document the little moments you didn't even know you wanted to remember. Our newborn sessions won't pose your baby with blankets and props. Rather we want you to soak up this moment with them. We live for the interactions with you, your family and your new little one. These sessions are slower paced to allow for breaks and feedings when necessary.

Newborns are still new, even at 6 weeks old...

Our newborn sessions take place in the 4-8 week timeframe. We want you to have time to adjust and get to know your baby a little. We want to see their eyes wide open and the little rosy pink of their cheeks.