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Newborn Session PReparation

Everything you need to know

What this will cover







Simple, quick tips for preparing your home

What to wear, and how to dress your babe

Some mindset preparation to help this newborn session be the best ever!

What to wear...

This may seem like the most daunting thought process of them all. What do I wear? what should my kids wear? And my partner? Before we get into details, hear this: You can wear pretty much ANYTHING that makes you feel good, beautiful and comfortable. Re-read that last word... comfortable. The last thing you want is clothing that itches or pulls, making you adjust it throughout the session

You need to feel good in what you wear, and so does everyone else.



Stay away from...

Keep it simple

Bright and Bold colors, logos, and super busy prints. Bright colors can reflect on your baby's skin when you are holding them. My newborn sessions involve a lot of snuggles and holding your babe, so bright colors can give your baby a colorful glow, which is not what we are looking for.

Especially for newborn sessions, just try and keep it simple and comfortable. Don't get too dressy, or too formal. You will want something that you feel good in, but also that you can cuddle with your baby in. Soft fabrics are a great choice.



stay away from

For the babies

Anything that that isn't necessarily comfortable for them. Anything that isn't easy to hold them in. Tutus and costumes are not my forte in newborn photography, but I can always give it a shot.

We can usually fit in about three "looks" or outfits into our session. I suggest starting with a white onesie, or something simple and classic. From there, I love a naked baby in a diaper, or with a blanket etc. Also any other cute outfits that you love and want to have in photos! Lay them all out ahead of time and we can look through them when I arrive.




Nothing to stress about at all, trust me

No, you don't need to do a deep clean of your whole home. Really, you don't, you have enough going on.

Basic tidying of clutter is totally enough for our purposes. You can even just pile it off to the side. Don't forget to make your bed!

Besides that, open up all your shades and curtains to let in that light! And thats it! If your place has control of the heat, you can crank it up a bit to make your babe a little more comfortable, but this is not a total necessity. Any questions? Just ask!

Mental Preparation

After so much time at home over the last year or so, it feels like we have so much time. As things return to normal, finding time is getting harder, but put this into perspective. These are the photos that you children will have forever. FOREVER. Finding the couple hours needed to take some photos seems like nothing compared to the value of these photos. These photos will of course be precious now, and next year, but think how treasured they will be in 5 or 10 years?! Exactly... so find the time, and make the most of it.

Getting ready for a photo session can be stressful. I get it, I go through it every year too! And on top of it, you have a newborn. So let's talk for a minute about getting into the right headspace, to make this whole process a breeze.

Since you are working with me, I can only speak to my style and my experience. That being said, my main goal, is to capture your interactions and moments as a new family. In all honesty, all you really need to do, is have a few clean corners of your home, an outfit you feel good in, and time.