maternity Session Preparation

Hey there. Are you getting nervous/psyched/excited for your maternity session? Yeah, I know it's a nerve wracking experience for some, or even stressful to prepare for, but that's why I'm here. Here's what to expect from your maternity session. Scroll down and read all about it.





Prepping your Home

Involving Kids



Please don't fret over a messy home. A few tips on what to prioritize when prepping your home for our session.

Yes, involving kids in any kind of photo session seems intimidating and stressful. Check out my tips and tricks below on how we can seamlessly involve them in your maternity photos.

Not sure how your partner fits into your maternity photos? Let me break it down for you.

By far the most asked questions revolve around wardrobe. Below you will find all the inspiration and information you will need.


what will I


You know you already opened your closet or mentally went through outfits to wear for your session the minute you booked. It’s one of the most asked questions when it comes to maternity photos, but fear not! I have worked with so many different ladies and gotten a handle on what works, what doesn’t, and what isn’t worth the stress. Before I get into the details, just keep this in mind. No matter what you choose to wear, you need to feel confident, comfortable (as much as possible when 30+ weeks pregnant) and “you”. I want your wardrobe for this session to reflect you and your personal style. If you love wearing your husband’s t-shirts around the house, pull out your favorite and we can style it. Don’t be afraid to forge your own style for maternity photos and stay clear of trends you see on instagram or pinterest. Those resources can be great inspiration, but please, if you are not comfortable in your bra and underwear in front of the camera, you DON’T HAVE TO DO IT! The only things these photos need, is you and your bump. Everything else should just compliment that.


Probably one of the most popular options with my maternity sessions. I love getting to see mamas own and love their bodies exactly where they are in their pregnancy. Boudoir can be simple underwear and your favorite t-shirt or sweater, or maybe it’s some lingerie that makes you feel great. Whatever your style, just go with it. Here are some examples of easy outfits you probably already have in your closet. Pull out however many outfits you have in mind, and we will go over everything when I arrive to make a game plan. We can usually fit in 2-3 outfits total (or more) just depends on the session.

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A pregnant woman is sitting on her windowsill overlooking the city, wearing a floral top and underwear so her belly is showing, Her toddler daughter, is kneeling on the window next to her looking out the window.

a pregnant woman in lingerie stands at her kitchen counter leaning to face the counter. In the kitchen there is an open pizza box in front of her and she is holding and eating a piece of pizza. She is looking back over her shoulder with the other arm resting on the counter top

a pregnant woman sits cross legged on her bed in a black bra and underwear, her hands are touching the belly, but her head is tilted to one side and her hair is falling over her face .

a pregnant woman sits in a robe with bra and underwear on the edge of her bed. She is holding the top of her belly, and her eyes are closed with her head tilted to one side, soaking it all in.

a pregnant woman sits on the edge of a daybed in a nursery. She is wearing a lacy robe and bra and underwear. She is looking over her shoulder away from the camera towards the windows. One of her hands is propping her up on the bed, the other one is resting on her legs which are angled towards the camera.

a pregnant white woman wears a tank top and underwear with a colored linen robe. She stands In the empty nursery, leaning up against a wooden crib.

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keep it simple..

Comfy and Casual

This can be interpreted as anything from jeans and t-shirts, to comfy cotton dresses. Think your standard weekend outfit. Causal, comfort, and one hundred percent you. This can be planned in addition to some boudoir looks as well.

a couple is on the couch in their home. The husband has the wife's head in his lap as she lays the length of the couch. She is pregnant and wearing an oversized cardigan and is touching her pregnant belly.

intimate maternity photos brooklyn

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Fully Styled

Obviously you aren’t going to waltz around in your underwear out and about so let’s talk ideas for going out. This again can be interpreted in many ways. Above all, stick to your true style and pick things you already love. You will look and feel more comfortable in things that you already know you love. If the weather is colder, I recommend that you have a coat to keep warm in between locations, and then if needed we can take it off/unbutton it for some quick snaps to make sure the bump is obvious.

Great options if you are heading outside your home

brooklyn romantic maternity photo

brooklyn romantic maternity photo

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Valuing your


As you are probably aware, my main marketing platform is my website and social media channels. I love sharing recent work and am so appreciative of my mamas being comfortable with it. That being said if there are certain images that you would prefer to keep private (usually this is boudoir imagery), please let us know before your shoot so we can discuss and prepare the proper contract for you. Please be aware that we try our best to only use a handful of images from each shoot, so you will by no means be plastered everywhere. We just love to show diversity and keep our content as recent as possible. Sharing your beautiful faces with our audience is how we are able to grow as a business. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Involving Partners

in your maternity photos

Most partners that I have worked with find these types of photos to be uncomfortable and awkward. And they aren’t wrong. If you go into the session thinking it's going to be awkward, then chances are that it will be. If you can trust my vision, and my experience, I guarantee that I will try my best to make you comfortable, and your partner too. We talk about where you are coming from, and just get to know you as people, not just as soon-to-be-parents. Let’s keep it relaxed and as low stress as possible. Everyone will be happier.

Maternity Sessions typically last anywhere from 1 -2 hours. It really depends on the situation and the family. If there are other children involved, they are usually encouraged to participate earlier on in the shoot, and then take a break. When you want to involve your partner in the photos, they usually are not needed for the entire shoot (unless they want to be, then hey, the more the merrier). They can usually block out an hour for the session and we would be set.


your kiddos

If you already have kids, and are now expecting, you are facing a full upheaval of their understanding of the family dynamic, and that is important to recognize. Involving your kiddos in the session is such a fun way of having these photos document the present, before the new addition makes their debut. A few tips for involving your children in the session to avoid meltdowns.

TIPS and tricks



Don't push the interaction

Forget that it is a maternity session for a minute...

Don’t press them to interact with your belly/bump. I have some tricks up my sleeves when it comes to interaction that can make it more natural and you don't end up with a single finger on the belly.

Make it about who they are right now, because they won’t be your only kid for much longer. Play with them, bake something together, have dance parties, whatever you want! This helps you get more comfortable with photos, and makes them more willing to participate. Your photos will be natural, and perfectly true to you.



Snacks, snacks, snacks

Plan ahead.

Have plenty of snacks ready to go. No hangry kiddos here! Just avoid candy or bribes please! Easy snacks they already love will totally do the trick.

If you want to plan an activity like baking or painting/art, let me know ahead of time so i can get a game plan in my head ready to go. This can be a great option for older kids who might not be into photos for photos sake.

Prepping your home

You may feel a bit intimidated on having someone come into your home ot take photos.


Clear the clutter

This includes papers, mail, cups, dishes, or anything that is where it doesn't belong. You don't even have to put it away if thats too much, just move it, to a different place for now. I am really good at shooting around “stuff” you kinda have to be living in the city, so don’t fret over clutter, just do your best.

I know I would be. I am not always a super neat person, So I can just feel the anxiety around having my home photographed. I am here to tell you to take a breath, and hear me out. Photos in your home hold so much more meaning for your future selves than you may realize. I have a few SIMPLE tips to preparing your home so that it’s photo ready.

First up, take a look at the different spaces in your home. I gravitate towards the light in a home, so even if that’s in the kitchen, or a random hallway. Observe your home through a normal day, and see the spaces that have the most natural light, or light that comes from the windows.Those are the spaces we will most likely use. If there are rooms that are being used for offices/storage/ dont have windows, there is no need to tidy them, just close the door and walk away. In the living spaces and bedrooms, and wherever the light is, there are a few things you can do to help along our process when I arrive.


Open the shades and curtains.

This is something easy to tackle when I arrive, so no stress if you don't have the moment to do so. But I will have you open up all the shutters and curtains as much as they will go, to let in as much light as possible. The only exception to this, is if you have direct bright light streaming in through the windows.


Turn off lamps and lights

All of them. They create some weird colors that make your skin look not so great, so switch them off and we will rely on window light.

last but not least

Set the mood

Pick a playlist you love, something that you might want to sing along to, or just love as background music. I have a few favorites linked below in case you need some inspiration. And then pull out some snacks, a coffee, or your beverage of choice. Something you can sip on throughout the session, and best of all, it gives you something to do with your hands in photos.