Maternity Session Information

So, we booked a maternity session, now what? I'm all about keeping it simple, so first, don't stress.

I know that getting your photo taken can seem daunting. It does for me, that’s for sure. Especially since you are in such a dramatically different stage in your life. My goal with your maternity session is to capture your family, and their personality as naturally as possible. I also want you to feel good, and of course look your best. So that being said, all of this information can be taken with a grain of salt. I want to work with you to create a session that is 100% “you” and makes you feel at ease. If at any point, something is uncomfortable or forced, we will move on or take a break. I recognize that everyone’s journey has been different leading to this point, so I don’t have a format or template for these sessions. We go with the flow of your family and your relationships to ensure that everyone is having fun, and feeling at home. 



What do I do with my hands?? I'm not a model...

Well the fun part about being pregnant, is that the focus isn’t on your hands. Ha! But really. I remind all my mamas, that when in doubt of what to do with your hands, connect with your partner. I want you to constantly have some kind of connection, whether it’s through a hug, or just touching their arm.  For photos of just the mom, go ahead and rest your hands on the belly where it feels comfortable. I will give you plenty of direction if needed, but I want you to feel comfortable, not posed or stiff. Don’t worry, I wont ask you to make the shape of a heart over your bare belly, but the fact is, the belly is a big part of you right now, so just soak it up! Sing to your baby, try and feel where they are sitting, or just breathe and think about the literal BABY you have in your belly. It’s crazy amazing. 


Where should we have the session?

This completely depends on how you are feeling, and what kind of vibe you want. If you are wanting more boudoir intimate photos, let’s stay home. Put on some music, make some coffee and we are good to go! If you would like to do it outdoors, I would say let’s stick close to home, or somewhere that is easy to get to for you. Mainly, I want a place that has meaning to you. New York has so many amazing beautiful streets, but think how much more it would mean to show your kids someday, ” oh look there we are drinking coffee out in front of our favorite coffee shop!” It makes a difference. 


What do we need to have ready?

This one is easy. As much as you can, have your hair/makeup ready by the time I arrive. If you have multiple outfit ideas, get them out and ready to look through. I can help organize ideas and set you up for success with a few outfits. Other than that, if you can, open all your blinds & curtains, and switch off any lights/lamps. We will be working solely with natural light. But again, all this is simple and would be easy to do once I arrive as well. Lastly (and again and again) turn on some of your favorite music! Makes all the difference.




What in the heck should I wear?

This is not easily answered here, so scroll down for all the styling tips and shopping resources! 

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Styling: Casual + Comfy

Usually best for sessions at home or in your neighborhood with your family or partner

This is the easiest styling choice. I best describe this as your casual weekend wear. Think like going to the park with your family, or brunch with your friends or partner. Stick to light neutrals if you can, and avoid bold colors and logos. Keep it timeless and true to your personality. Jeans and a t-shirt or sweater are some great options or casual dresses. Really anything goes, let your style shine!! If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

For Guys: Some great options would be plain t-shirts, Henley’s, flannel/plaid button ups, sweaters etc. with jeans, chinos, khakis etc. 

intimate maternity photos brooklyn

Styling: Boudoir-Ish

Some call it boudoir, some call it everyday at home.

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking Demi Moore style nudity. Really i say boudoir-ish, because it’s so different for every person. Some will be ready to revel in walking around with a bra and underwear, where others would rather just let the belly peek out under a sweater. I try to give lots of flexibility in this area, because I want you again to feel comfortable. This can be a very venerable time for you and your body, so the last thing I want is for you to feel uneasy about being photographed in lingerie because you think that’s what you have to do. It may be easiest for you to take a look at my portfolio for ideas, or better yet Pinterest (see below). When in doubt, pull some things from your closet, and I can help you style everything when I arrive.

For the guys: Same as casual + comfy styling (see above)


Styling: A Little Dressy

When you want everyone to look their best

This may be a more traditional route, but still so great! It can be so fun to get out that floor length tight dress you have been waiting to wear. There are not a ton of occasions to get dressed up, so if this appeals to you, let’s make it happen! A few tips. First, make sure everyone looks like they are going to the same party. In other words, if you have on a sequined dress, you might not want your partner in khakis and loafers. Just make sure the level of dressed up matches everyone across the board. Additionally, let’s head outside! These outfits tend to read better when out and about, rather than staying comfy at home. So let’s find a beautiful location that we can explore together and make some magic! 

For Guys: Simple button ups, with or without ties, with or without jacket, Dress jeans or pants.