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A pregnant woman is sitting on her windowsill overlooking the city, wearing a floral top and underwear so her belly is showing, Her toddler daughter, is kneeling on the window next to her looking out the window.

a pregnant woman in lingerie stands at her kitchen counter leaning to face the counter. In the kitchen there is an open pizza box in front of her and she is holding and eating a piece of pizza. She is looking back over her shoulder with the other arm resting on the counter top

a pregnant woman sits cross legged on her bed in a black bra and underwear, her hands are touching the belly, but her head is tilted to one side and her hair is falling over her face .

a pregnant woman sits in a robe with bra and underwear on the edge of her bed. She is holding the top of her belly, and her eyes are closed with her head tilted to one side, soaking it all in.

a pregnant woman sits on the edge of a daybed in a nursery. She is wearing a lacy robe and bra and underwear. She is looking over her shoulder away from the camera towards the windows. One of her hands is propping her up on the bed, the other one is resting on her legs which are angled towards the camera.

a pregnant white woman wears a tank top and underwear with a colored linen robe. She stands In the empty nursery, leaning up against a wooden crib.

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a couple is on the couch in their home. The husband has the wife's head in his lap as she lays the length of the couch. She is pregnant and wearing an oversized cardigan and is touching her pregnant belly.

intimate maternity photos brooklyn

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brooklyn romantic maternity photo

brooklyn romantic maternity photo

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