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Kinship Collective

A fresh look for the Yearbook Club...

Simpler, straight forward, with room to grow.

WHat a YEar!

2023 was full of so many amazing shoots, and it has me all excited to think about next year! I am making a few changes to the Yearbook Club, starting with the name! The Kinship Collective will be the new membership for your annual family photos.

The other changes were made to keep things simple, and to the point, so make sure to read through and select the option that works best for you.

As always, thank you for your everlasting support of this business of mine. I truly love getting to see your kids grow up right before my eyes, let's keep the magic going!

xo Amy

Your Options

I am simplifying the tiers for 2024! Yes just two options, all dependent on where you want your session! I have loved welcoming so many of you upstate this year for your session, and want to continue the fun, whether in the city or out on an adventure.




City Club $115/Month

Upstate Club



Maybe we take a walk to the playground together, or play with your kids favorite toys at home. Splash pad on a hot summer day? Or ice cream on the sidewalk? I'm Here for it! With one catch, make it mean something. We are going to put some focus on the places in the city that you love and mean something to you. That could mean activities that you enjoy as a family, or documenting your typical Saturday morning. Either way, we are going to plan out your session in a meaningful way to document this life in the city.


One family session in the city in 2024

$150 Print Credit

Priority access to dates and add-on mini-sessions

This is the great option for those of you who live outside the city (anyone north of Tarrytown), or those of you looking to go on a little day trip! Let's make a day of it! Looking for something new and different, maybe we go apple picking in the fall, or go on a little hike with a picnic. There are so many amazing spots up here including flower farms, orchards, working farms, and hikes galore! You up for an adventure? Let's do it!


One family session upstate (Westchester & Hudson Valley and more!) in 2024

$150 Print Credit

Priority access to dates and add-on mini-sessions

More specifically I know a few of you are wanting 2 sessions this next year for some special circumstances. Listed are the rates for additional sessions in both locations, as well as travel fees for areas outside the areas listed.

NYC/Brooklyn : +$70/Month

Add on an additional full session located in NYC or Brooklyn

Upstate/Westchester: +$50/month

Add on an additional full session located in Westchester or further north

Travel Fees:

Long Island Beyond 5 Boroughs- $75

North Fork or Hamptons- $150

(unless combined with other sessions, ask for more info)

But what about


I acknowledge that not all mini-sessions are alike, or should be! So I have crafted a calendar throughout the year full of diverse mini-session options to choose from. There will be two main categories, Essentials and Adventures.

Essentials will be the fun and quick mini-sessions you are used to at some lovely locations all over. These could include a headshot pop up at a studio, and studio family sessions.

Adventures will be just that! Fun activities both in the city and out.

The sessions are slightly longer and include some fun events/locations to make the outing super memorable.

Some of the ideas I am working on:

+ Lavender/Flower Farm Picking

+ Alpaca Farm or Animal Sanctuary

+ Bubble Party in the Park

+ Ice Cream Truck Minis

+ Splash Pad/Playground Sessions

+ Hiking/Nature Walks

+ Beach Time/Hamptons/North Fork

+ Apple Picking/Pumpkin Patch

+ Photos with Santa

If you would like to participate, and the dates/locations work for you, you can purchase these sessions a-la-carte. For Kinship Collective Members, Essential Minis will be $450 (except the Headshots Pop-up), And Adventures will priced based on the activity, but will start around $450 (except photos with Santa). Once you have your shot to sign up, will be opened up to non-members at  higher rates.

My main reason for changing it up? Flexibility.

I have loved getting to see some of your families more than once throughout the year, but I know that for some, making sure you can make the minis work since they were already included was a struggle.

So I am removing that hurdle! This way, if the date and time and location/activity are what you are wanting, you can sign up! Otherwise you are not obligated to participate in the minis.

Ready to go?

Sign ups open Jan. 2nd

For current members

Jan 8th for new members

Keep an eye on your email at 9am EST

I will be sending out a form, contract, and payment set up all in one!

Looking Forward to seeing you all again!