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Personalized photography lessons via Zoom

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Join Amy for two 2-hour zoom calls where you will walk away with all the photo knowledge you need to take control of your camera and create beautiful images. See more below.

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What you'll learn

everything I hope to help you through in your 4-hour Documented workshop at home.





Organization + Editing

Artistic Style

Your camera

The Basics

Finally we will dive into how to organize your photos, tools I love, and some basic editing to make your images shine! See below for some software and subscription recommendations.

Once we go over all the technical stuff that is involved, we get into how to make good images using composition and tricks for getting natural expressions out of your kids. We dive into using all those settings not only to make a good photo, but rather to your advantage to create images you love.

So many people have such amazing cameras, that can do wonderful things, but they just never learn how. So we take the basics and apply them to your specific camera model. You will never need to use "sport" or "firework" mode again. Works best with cameras that have a manual option for shooting.

Ever wonder what makes the background blurry in a photo? Or how to take great photos in darker situations without using the flash? You got it! I will walk you through all of the photography basics, and how all those great settings work together to help you create some beautiful photos. We will look at the nitty gritty of the technical side of photography, and I will be there to answer any questions you have.

IMportant Questions


How long should I schedule between calls?

Plan on 2-3 weeks in-between calls. I will be encouraging you throughout the down time to complete all your homework. Text me your favorite photos if you want! I'm here for all of it!

What if my kids interrupt?


I totally get it! I am not going to be mad if I get to see your cute kiddos. I will still make sure you get all the info, even if we need to take a quick break for kid related matters.

Will I get all the information in a Pdf?


YES! I am putting together a super duper intense pdf for you with all the notes from the whole presentation. I want you to be able to reference back to them easily, so I will condense everything for you ahead of time. but please by all means take as many notes as possible. I will also be recording our call for you to download and re-watch if necessary.

What you'll need




Camera with Manual shooting mode

Editing Software


I will teach you some editing basics and I recommend using Adobe Lightroom. You can get a 7 day trial to use for your second call, and after that, it's only $9.99 a month! This isn't necessary**, but a fun tool to have in your arsenal. I will be teaching you editing on Lightroom via a screen share, but the editing basics can be used anywhere.

Adobe Lightroom

Probably a given, and the reason you are here. You have a great camera, whether its mirrorless a big DSLR. Either one will work! If you aren't sure if your camera will work, feel free to email me and ask!


I know getting time to yourself these days can be tough, but finding 2 chunks of 2 hours for your course is all you need. Dedicate this time to you, and bettering your skills with the camera, and documenting your family's memories.

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from past students


Hailey A.

Within one teaching session with Amy I had a handful of photography tips in my back pocket that helped me transform the way I took photos in both my personal and professional life. Her teaching style is directly connected to how she photographs her family clients and is ideal for aspiring photographers and parents alike.

amazing Photo by Hailey