Inclusion for Every Family

At Kinship Photo,

We accept, love and celebrate families of all types. Non-traditionally structured, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, differently-abled families are welcomed here. If you are at all uncomfortable with this, I am not the right fit for you.

Kinship. a sharing of characteristics or origins, a relationship by nature.

Kinship brings you beautifully documented photos of your people, your moment in time. We are all about taking a half hour before your session to chat, to plan, to just play. Or maybe you need someone to vent with afterwards and support you in your parenting struggles. We want you to feel like you are having a friend over. If that means helping you change diapers, get snacks, entertain your kids while you switch outfits, we are more than just photographers, we are your kin.

We provide the space for you, to just be you.

Your kids are allowed to be crazy and you are allowed to get stressed with them. We don’t judge, we support in any way possible, and give you a moment when you need it. We take breaks to gather your thoughts and calm your nerves. We give your kids breaks to get their wiggles out. We belt out Disney songs with them and join them for dance parties. Kinship is a new type of family photography. It's an extension of your community, and we are here to show you how beautiful your family is right here and right now.

My name is Amy, and I'm stoked you are here.

What do you need to know about me?

  • I love being around people and working with people. I guess I got in the wrong business as a self-employed person, but I love meeting new families and and recently coerced my husband to join the Kinship Photo team. But more on him later
  • I grew up in Arizona, and graduated From Northern Arizona University with a degree in German of all things. It all stemmed from my study abroad adventures in Switzerland.
  • My first job in high school was a teacher at the Little Gym. I was WAY too good at that job, and would go back to it in a heartbeat.
  • I moved to Brooklyn almost 6 years ago, and met my husband Jerred on Tinder shortly after. He sent me a gif of Charlie Chaplin, and the rest was History. He’s goofy, sweet and the most genuine person I know. We got married in August 2019, and our reception was in the very restaurant where we had our first date.
  • We now own a house and live in a little town outside Newburgh called Walden. We love the upstate magic.
  • I am a stepmom to Jerred’s daughter Sara. I met her when she was about 4.5 years old, and now she’s almost 10!! It’s crazy to think how fast that went. She a clever and creative kid that I love to the moon and back.
  •  We also have 2 pups, Scout and Lenny, who get way more attention than anyone else in the house. I love dogs a LOT so be prepared for me to love on your dog a whole lot.
  • An ideal Saturday for me would be grilling in the backyard with friends and a bonfire at night with some whiskey. And Music. Music all day. Which is why I urge you to put on your favorites before I come for your session.
  • I love your family. I love the way your kids may pout or giggle. I love every little thing about you. So Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s my goal to show you the natural beauty in your family, and all the messy goodness in the “in-between” moments.

documenting families in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley (and beyond!)

COVID-19 Statement

I, just like you all, am just lost for words right now. This is a time that no body is comfortable with “normal”, no one knows what’s coming next, and yet time still passes, babies are being born, and kids are growing by the second. My number one concern in working with you family is that you all feel comfortable. If that means we shoot outside, or inside with proper precautions, I am working to be as flexible as humanly possible to make sure we are able to put together a session that works for everyone. I am personally making sure that I am masked up, and fully sanitized when entering your home. And as much as it hurts my soul, I will be keeping a distance from you and your littles. This also means that my schedule is a bit more spread out. I won’t be scheduling sessions back to back and when possible only 1 shoot per weekend.  When you schedule your phone call with me, we will talk about your comfort level and what you think will be best for you and your family. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all.

I have to thank you all for supporting me and my business through this shit-show of a season. I cannot wait to continue documenting your families. Stay safe my friends.

xo Amy


We try to keep booking with us as simple, straightforward and informational as possible. Here are the basic steps you can expect from us



Where should we have our session?

This all depends on you! (and the weather, ugh). I personally love shooting in your home. It tends to capture more personality and will allow your kids to feel more comfortable. If anything, it’s always fun to start there and then venture out together. Let’s walk to the park, or stop by your favorite ice cream joint. If shooting in your home isn’t the best option (we do need natural light), then lets meet at your favorite park!  I will make sure we have it alllllll figured out before your shoot.


What time should we schedule our shoot for?

This all depends on where your session will take place, and the time of year. Indoors or at home allows for a little flexibility, but the best times are usually in the late morning. This tends to be the brightest time in homes/apartments. We are looking for times in your home when we don’t need to turn on lamps/lights. This could be anytime from morning to early afternoon. You know your home best, so I will count on your to help guide me in the brightest time for your home. Note** this does not mean direct light coming in the windows, but rather bright in your home overall. If your session is outdoors, things are a little more rigid. Sessions are scheduled within the first 2 hours following sunrise in the morning, and the 2 hours before sunset in the afternoon. Have you ever heard of golden hour? Well its a real thing and it can make all the difference! I know it can be tempting to just try and schedule it when it will be easiest to wake up and get ready, but remember, this is an investment. I would hate for you to end up with unflattering lighting because of convenience. That’s something I can’t control. Long story short, for THE best light, go early or later in the day. It’s worth it, trust me. Note** the only exception to this rule is when the day is overcast and the morning is too dark. Overcast days are beautifully versatile and allow us more flexibility with timing.


How can I prep my kids and family for the session?

A few big pointers here..

  • DO tell them it’s going to be so much fun. I’m planning on having a blast with you.
  • DON’T offer your kids a bribe. At all! It hurts our chances of great attitudes. Trust me on this one.
  • DO pick out outfits ahead of time, but DON’T stress about it. I’ll make sure you have all the necessary information about how to dress. Hint* I just want you to feel great and be comfy! 
  • DO bring along snacks (regulars that your kids love)
  • DO bring along any easy to pack activities! Like chalk/bubbles/balls etc.
  • If the shoot is at your home, DON’T stress about it being perfect, but DO clear any super noticeable clutter, and open the curtains and blinds!

What happens if we're sick? If you're sick?

Sick happens! hah. But really it does, and I know. Especially with kids. So take your time to take care of whoever is under the weather, and we will reschedule! I try and keep my schedule flexible enough to allow for sicknesses or other unforeseen circumstances.


Will you retouch our photos?

Short answer… ish. I edit the photos to the quality you see on my website. This includes color correction and exposure adjustment. I am also (most of the time) able to remove minor blemishes that are temporary (ie, acne, cuts or scrapes). I do not make you look thinner, or change hair colors. Anything unnatural is out of my wheelhouse, and honestly not my style. But don’t worry! I will do my best to make sure everyone is looking their best in your photos.


How long does the session take?

As long as it takes! I kid, I kid, but really I don’t set a time limit. I am there to capture your family in all it’s glory. The sessions tend to run about an hour (usually longer for newborn) , but could be a little less, could be more. I would say everyone is ready for a nap after an hour and a half, so for scheduling purposes that is my max.


When should we book/schedule our newborn session?

Luckily, newborn sessions can be pretty flexible with timing, and I do a lot of weekday morning sessions for newborns. Booking can really take place whenever works for you! I have booked up to 6 months in advance, or even after the baby is born. It’s up to you! There is no wrong time. You might hear a lot of talk around scheduling your shoot in the first 2 weeks. Yes, everything is new, and your baby sleeps a ton, but in my experience, the magic timing is the 4-8 week time frame.If you wait a few more weeks,  you have had a chance to settle into your new normal, and your babe has gotten more personality. You will be able to see more alertness, and big wide open eyes.


What should we wear?

Great question! I have a wonderful prep guide that will walk you through all my wardrobe do’s and don’t’s! You will receive this after booking your session.

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