Pregnancy is often a time we feel the least like ourselves. Clothes don’t fit, your body is constantly changing, your feet swell and your breasts ache. I hear you! But what mothers say to me over and over again is how much they value their maternity photos. The memories of that fleeting time when you can hold your child inside your body.

Keeping your maternity style true to you can mean something different for everyone. Maybe your maternity style is a flowy lacy dress that shows off every curve. Maybe it’s your husband’s white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Here are some considerations when picking your outfits for your maternity session.

My main consideration, do you feel comfortable in your choice of outfit? If it’s “not something I would usually wear,” then chances are there is a reason for that, and you should skip it. The perfect combination are clothes that are comfortable and make you feel great. The exception to this, are those fun pieces you already own, that you never seem to have the right occasion to wear. I’m thinking the fun colorful kimono, or that one swim suit coverup that you haven’t had the chance to sport. Those are great pieces that we can throw into the mix during your session.

Of course, there are some things that might not photograph as well as others. When I arrive, I will make time to look through your choices with you so we can discuss. My main goal is for you to look and feel good. As long as you have that, you will be set!

This session was a favorite of mine, because all the outfits, were so HER. Nothing more nothing less.