How to Include Family in Your Newborn Session

May 27, 2021

Traditionally a newborn session is about you + your partner + your new baby (or babies!). But what about when you want to include grandparents, siblings, or your best friend? It’s a lovely tribute to include the people who are helping you do the work of bringing your child into the world.

This family chose to include grandparents in their shoot and the photos could not be more beautiful. Look at how everyone shines when looking at these two little loves. These little guys’ grandparents will value these photos forever; and so so will they as they grow up. They will see how much they were loved immediately by their whole family.

When including family in your newborn shoot the main thing to think about is timing. Do we include them at the beginning of the session? or the end? Should they stay throughout?

All valid thoughts, but I have a method to how I love to include Family. Have them there when we are ready to start. They can help you get the baby dressed, and hold them while you get ready. I can snap some photos of them with their newest grandchild, and you can take your time to get yourself together.

This is also a good way to make sure the baby is happy. Usually as the session goes, your baby might not be as cooperative as they were at the start. This can be awkward if the family shows up at the end, hoping to have a happy lovey baby in photos. I can make both work, but to be safe, have family around at the beginning. Then they can head off and we can get some quiet time with the parents and baby.