How I Created these Magically Cozy Maternity Photos In a Low-light New York Apartment

March 8, 2021

Sometimes, you work with what you have, and the results are just pure magic. As a New York maternity photographer, I don’t always have the luxury of huge windows with abundant natural light. I know at my last apartment, there was a small window between 11am-12pm where we would get bright light. Forget about any direct light, except for in the bathroom. The rest of the time, it was light enough, but it was still considered dark space.

This is also the case for many of the homes I work in. Sure, some of them do have those large floor-to-ceiling windows, but those can offer their own challenges.

I don’t always know what I am walking into. In the end, making the most out of it and really utilizing what I do have, can be something oh so special. This session for instance, was in a ground floor apartment, meaning that the windows might not get the best light. Especially on an overcast day like it was. I took the light they did have, and created a dramatic and cozy vibe for these parents-to-be.

This vibe was overall enhanced by the use of soft natural textures, like a worn-in t-shirt, cotton shirts, comfy pants, and plants around the home. This all adds to the story of the session, and the story of this season of their life. Not only will these photos help them reminisce on their pregnancy, but also this cozy spot they called home at the time. I never know how long they will live there. It will be so special to be able to show their child their first home as a family.

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