5 Tips for your Best Family Mini-Session- Brooklyn Family Photographer

March 4, 2021

Mini-sessions can be a lot of things. They can be high energy, and painless, stressful, annoying and unsuccessful. From a photographers perspective, I don’t love doing them with new clients, because I really don’t get to know the family in that time, and I am ALL about the relationships.

But when I do offer mini-sessions, I know what makes them awesome, and easy for everyone involved, myself included! What do you want out of a mini-session? Photos! Right?

Or maybe you want to have fun, AND get great photos. That doesn’t always seem possible with such a short amount of time. WRONG! Here are 5 tips to getting the most out of your mini-session, having fun and not feeling drained by the end.

1. Keep it SIMPLE

Don’t overthink the outfits, or hype it up too much as a big event. Think of it as an outing to meet your photographer. If you stress yourself out too much with the outfits and behavior ahead of time, you will undoubtedly be stressed up until the end.


This may seem like a given, but try to arrive at least 5 minutes early to the general area. I usually book a buffer between shoots, so if you get there early, chances are we can get going early while everyone is still in good spirits. But try not to get there too early. I try to give each family my undivided attention during their shoot, and if I notice another family waiting, it tends to make everyone rush through a bit.

3. Snacks

Bring quick and easy snacks (nothing too messy), that everyone can munch on right before we start. You too parents, grab a granola bar or whatever will give you a little boost. No one wants to be photographed while they are hangry.

4. Keep Playing!

Because mini-sessions are so quick, every minute is important. Your photographer probably already has a game plan, but to give your photos the extra fun, keep playing with your kiddos throughout! Fly like airplanes as we walk to our next location! Throw them up in the air! Tickle them, give them raspberries, whatever you know will get smiles from them. If you can help to keep your kids engaged through the session, guaranteed you will get some amazing photos in return.

5.Take a deep breath and let it go.

Once you arrive at the session, let go of your expectations and trust your photographer. They have a plan, and are ready to create some magic. Let them lead you through the session, and don’t worry about bad behavior from your kids. As long as everyone is safe, keep on smiling. 9/10 times a photo doesn’t get delivered is the parents facial expressions. If you keep on smiling or at least relaxed, it’s easier to catch everyone happy when the mood strikes your kiddo.

And that’s it! Mini-sessions don’t have to be a pain, they can really be a great way to get some photos throughout the year, without committing to a full session.

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