Little Awkward Studio: Business Logistics (or at least how we get shit done)

October 20, 2017

Episode 5: Business Logistics with Amy and Megan

This week on “The Little Awkward Studio”, Amy and Megan chat about the steps that they took to start their businesses on solid ground.  They discuss how they formed their LLCs, how to save some money and time along the way, what steps to take when you can start reinvesting back into your business and taking the little leaps that seem so scary at the beginning of a business.  They talk about what they have learned in the past 2.5 years since working in NYC and how to stay strong in the crazy world of making your own rules as a small business owner.  

Seriously though, we go on a long tangent about women’s fashion and how sizing is just so frustration.  We also talk about how much we love one another, I think.  Check it out!!

So, you ready?

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