Episode 4: Successful Procrastination with Whitney of We Gather

October 13, 2017

This week, we had an extra special guest and one of the kindest people you will ever meet at the Little Awkward Studio, Whitney of We Gather.  You can find out more about Whitney on social media at @wegather and online at www.wegathergoods.com.

Whitney is hilarious, lovely, super talented and so inviting and is one of the big reasons that the Little Awkward Studio exists!  She has helped both of us so much in our businesses and we just love her perspective on life, priorities, ethical dilemmas and being a good person.


During this week’s podcast, we talk about Successful Procrastination.  We talk about our favorite procrastination exercises.   We talk about college study habits and our favorite procrastination snacks.  We decide as a group that Megan is a big dork and loves doing things ahead of time. (I’m ok with it!)  And we define the word “tool”, as in “he’s such a tool”.  And SO MUCH MORE!

So, are you ready?

Click here and join us for Episode 4 of Little Awkward Studio.

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