The Little Awkward Studio Podcast!

October 6, 2017

Well, it finally happened. Megan and I started a podcast and it is launching… RIGHT NOW. Keep reading if you need a little convincing of why us chattering on a podcast is the best thing to happen to your podcast collection. Come back here each week for our show notes and find out all about the latest episode.


And because we love you all so much… we have released THREE episodes to start! See below for the


show notes on all three episodes!

Here’s why we love our weird little studio:

  1. We are both a little awkward and silly and ridiculous and embrace the imperfection of life.
  2. We work a studio in Gowanus.  If you know Brooklyn, then you know that there is no additional explanation needed.  We battle truck drivers each morning for parking, work next to a scrap metal receiving area, have countless dead pigeons and weird other “treasures” on our walk to work each day, and yet, we ARE IN LOVE with this little studio where we can make our dreams come true.
  3. We both firmly believe that laughter, being fun and kind, and loving what you do is all that you need in life to succeed.
  4. You can save rent when you live with a friend.
  5. We feed one another snacks and brainstorm together like champs.

Join us on a little adventure, will you?  

Our podcast will cover all of the topics you can imagine and then some. We will explain business from a real, raw perspective.  We will hash out the tough times and challenges that we have faced in growing our businesses in a cutthroat city full of creatives.  We will giggle, tell bad jokes and tell you how we survive this craziness.  We will share any tips we’ve used that help you to run a business that you can be proud of.

So, are you ready?

Click here and join us for Episode 1,2 & 3 of Little Awkward Studio.

Episode 1: Intro to Little Awkward Studio Podcast

Ok, before we begin, we need to tell you a little story.  Megan and Amy of the “Little Awkward Studio” met in the summer of 2015 just after they both had taken big leaps in their personal lives and moved to NYC.  They both were starting their businesses completely from scratch in a new city and were excited, nervous, scared shitless, and mostly just pumped to be living in such an amazing place.  As luck would have it, Megan needed a photographer and a friend recommended Amy and the rest, as they say, was history!

Amy, of @amyfrancesphoto and Megan of @artbymegan joined forces this past spring and formed an amazing studio combo, which they affectionately call, the “Little Awkward Studio”.

Episode 2: Talking Comparison with Hailey of Household Mag

This week, we had an extra special guest and one of our closest NYC friends at the Little Awkward Studio, Hailey of Household Mag.  You can find out more about Hailey on social media at @householdmag and

Amy met Hailey way back in the day before they were NYC gals and they both have challenged one another to dream big and reach for their crazy goals as they worked together on some amazing projects. Read more here. 

Hailey is a blogger, social media influencer, mama to cute little Owen and a generally bad ass mama jamma.  She’s got a heart of gold and she believes that if we support one another as we grow our businesses, only good things can happen.

During this week’s podcast, we talk about the issue of comparison.  Comparison is a beast and social media has made it a really tricky situation.  We discuss how to avoid it as much as possible online, in real life, in business and in personal relationships.  We talk about our favorite ways to “unplug” and to refresh our minds and to avoid the comparison trap.  We decide that day drinking is the only correct way to enjoy brunch.  Then we sign off and go to brunch together because that’s what friends do.  

Hailey also makes some amazing sound effects that you are just going to want to hear yourself.  








Episode 3: Overcoming Creative Block with Megan and Amy

In this episode of “The Little Awkward Studio”, Megan and Amy dive DE

EP into the topics of inspiration and creative block.  We hash out what keeps us inspired, how to stay above creative burnout and what fuels us creatively.  We also talk about random other things that pop into our heads, so that’s a fun way to spend your time.

Megan talks about how she has WAY too many ideas and Amy talks about what fuels her creatively…and it’s just the most precious thing you will ever hear in your life.

Fun fact, Amy cries in this episode so you should totally tune in.  Also, we talk about getting hit on and how men should just stop it.  The tangent game is STRONG in this episode.


Want to reach out?  Email us at and find us on instagram @littleawkwardstudio.  Or you can find us online.  Amy is on instagram @amyfrancesphoto and online at and Megan is on instagram @artbymegan and online at .