Eloise and Edison: Welcome to the World!

August 5, 2016

Eloise and Edison were welcomed into a warm and loving family. Big brother Bernie could always be seen reaching for the “babies” to hold them…he loves them so much. Jen and Ari are two of the most humble and kind people I have ever met. We did a family shoot with them this year when Jen was still pregnant. Still to this day, one of my favorite shoots that was described as beautiful chaos. I may have mentioned this before, but that is me and my work summed up in one word. Its never going to be perfect. A spotless home with perfect details? Maybe, but most of the time no. I photograph real families, with real messes and real kids that don’t necessarily want to sit still for a posed portrait. So we observe them, we follow their lead because aren’t they the main reason you get photos done anyways? Tomorrow, they will be different. Bigger, older, wiser. So when we choose to photograph them, why try and hide it? Let the kids be themselves because that “self” wont be around much longer. 

This newborn session was a perfect example. I usually take my newborn sessions slow and easy, but still in a general time frame. But not this one. I didn’t even look at the clock until I was in the elevator to leave. Such a warm and welcoming environment made for a perfect opportunity to capture these little bugs. Edison was cool and collected the whole time, Eloise, not so much. But it was ok! I was in absolutely no rush, and we just ebbed and flowed. They poured me a coffee, and I got to talk with them during our breaks. I got to play with Bernie while the twins got fed. it was amazing. And before I knew it 3.5 hours went by! It only felt like 1. That all being said, I love this family and their love for their kids. Cannot wait to see these little ones grow!

Oh and don’t you fret about this next one… we were all less than a foot away to help Bernie out.