This was one of those sessions that I knew would be a workout. With 5 and an almost 2 year old boys, this family definitely had their hands full. And deciding to brave Brooklyn Bridge Park on the weekend was yet another hurdle. BUT THIS. This is me calming all the minds out there who stress about their family photographs. On all accounts this session could have been chaotic. But isn’t life chaotic with two little boys? We literally just chased them all over and let them lead the way. With kids this age, I’m not gonna sugar coat it, it is more difficult. And you might not get the perfect “everyone smiling” picture that Pinterest or others christmas cards say you have to have. But in this moment, they were totally just themselves and I FREAKING LOVE IT!. 

Making yourself think that your photos need to be perfectly styled or staged is a joke. Yeah you can pick out the perfect outfits and a great location, but beyond that, how much is actually in your control? That’s why I adore when families leave it to me to do my job, and capture their family as they are. That’s when the process is just easy and I end up with rave reviews of people taking the largest sigh of relief in knowing their family’s memories were in good hands. 

I say all this because this was a session that made me nervous. That is a huge thing to say for me as a family photographer. I do get nervous sometimes, but I trust myself, and my eye and experience takes over every time and produces something I am more than proud to share with the world. Yes the boys were rambunctious and we chased them all over. And we never got necessarily the “perfect family photo” by social media standards. But the feedback I got from this family gave me the warmest feeling (see below). These photos represented how the family dynamic is in this moment. These little boys don’t want to sit and smile and snuggle all the time. They want to run! And jump! And climb and explore anything and everything. So that is what we did.

And it was pure magic. 

So I urge you as everyone is preparing for Spring and Summer sessions. Get off of Pinterest, put away the comparison, and look at your family. What do you love right now about your family in this season of your life? What do you want these photos to document? Does your little girl just LOVE animals? Well lets go to the Zoo! Does your little boy have an obsession with boats? I know a spot where we can just explore and watch the boats pass all day long.

I want you to think about your family, and who you are. Because at the end of the day, these are your memories and will be in your family forever. Let’s make them count. 

“Wow!  We can’t stop showing off the photos that Amy took. 

They are absolutely the best we’ve ever had of our family. 

We have two rambunctious boys that are difficult to catch standing still and yet Amy was able to capture the essence of the moments as they happened without forcing us into poses that would never have worked.  We have finally found our photographer!”